Broadrock Renewables is a leading renewable energy company that operates two large-scale electricity production facilities that capture methane gas generated by our host landfills and converts that gas into clean, renewable electricity. From this environmentally friendly process, we are able to deliver over 50 MW of clean energy, enough to provide the needs of 30,000 homes in the communities we serve. This process also allows the reduction of CO2 emissions from other kinds of electricity generation such as coal-fired facilities. A standard coal-fired facility emits over 50 tons of CO2 generating the same amount of electricity as the Broadrock facilities.

Our experience and management services span every phase of an energy generation project, from initial concept design and development through plant construction and asset management. Broadrock Renewables specializes in landfill-gas-to-energy (LGTE) construction, installation and operation of recipricating and turbine engine facilities utilizing (HRSG/heat exchanger) technology.

By taking advantage of the know-how of its' core competencies, Broadrock Renewables is a power generation business that excels in scale, quality and improved competitiveness while mitigating environmental burdens.
By using landfill methane to generated clean, renewable electricity for our local communities, we take what would have been a waste product and use it to reduce the need for fossil fuels. Our commitment to sustainability is a core value and the foundation of our business. We believe that investing in clean, sustainable business practices will bring long-term success and we apply this belief throughout our daily operations.
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